A Simple, Yet Effective
With subluxations removed, your body movements may become easier and your nutrition might start being more effective.
Don’t let a few extra pounds drag you down!

You might have gained weight while pregnant, after an injury, or just when life (and those extra calories) caught up with you. You’ve been working hard to shed those extra pounds, but the scale keeps inching the wrong way.

One of the worst things about gaining weight is that even a slight increase from your optimal weight can put undue stress on your joints and muscles, which may keep you from performing the exercises needed to help you get and stay healthier.

Your SuMejorVida Chiropractic can help you manage weight the right way—and help you keep it off. We consider your whole body’s wellness, and understand that there’s more to losing weight than just exercise. We’ll work with you to create a weight management plan that works for you and your life. If it’s right for you, we’ll recommend nutritional supplements to make sure you have the right fuel to accomplish your goals.

Make a weight management appointment with SuMejorVida Chiropractic. You’ll find that unlike many weight management programs, ours is sustainable—leading to a healthier, happier you.

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Nutritional Supplements


Nutritional supplements, not necessarily pills, include fresh herbs, full meal supplements, vitamins, minerals, sports nutrition products, all natural food supplements, and other items that assist your healthy healing.

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