What is ache and what chiropractic care can do for you?

Aches are a type of nagging pain. The word ‘ache’ is used to refer to a kind of discomfort in some part of the body. This section covers general achiness or muscle aches; for specific aching areas see stomach aches (abdominal pain), muscle aches, earache, joint aches, backaches, or headaches. Ache symptoms may also be related to or occur together with fatigue, weakness, malaise, or fever.

Many people suffer from what they call their “normal” headache, neck pain, back ache, etc. They take a couple analgesics and suffer through it. Though we commend your tough guy attitude, as awareness of the potentially dangerous side effects of over the counter and prescription drugs, we encourage you to seek treatment alleviate your pain rather than simply masking it.

We separate ache from pain as aches are common for many people but they are certainly not normal. Let the SuMejorVida Chiropractic create a treatment plan that will address the causes of your aches and pains.

We’ll consider the musculoskeletal component as well as any underlying, endocrine, visceral, hormonal or nutritional imbalances contributing to your pain. By utilizing this dynamic treatment style, we have helped many patients find relief from what they consider their “everyday aches”.

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