In a Pandemic
What Should You Expect at Your Visit to SuMejorVida
  • We are asking that all patients who come to our facilities for an appointment wear a face mask.
  • We are not going to attend, for their safety, to patients older than 65 years because they are the people with the highest risk.
  • We have made some changes to our hours and programs to help protect patients, staff and our community.

During these days of self-isolation, and increased awareness of health and hygiene, SuMejorVida Centro Quiropráctico is doing its part to let patients know that it’s taking every precaution to ensure your health while you continue to use our services.

Everyone has to be adaptable and SuMejorVida Centro Quiropráctico, its staff of chiropractors and coordinators are no different. Personal healthcare is our business, and we’re always cognizant of that. We understand amidst a national emergency that we are all presented with unique challenges, which is why SuMejorVida Centro Quiropráctico wants to remind our patients they can continue to take advantage of our care while we continue our efforts to help flatten the curve.

What We Are Doing Differently

We have further enhanced our already strict cleaning procedures.

Before public opening – Daily, before public opening, we sanitize all treatment and working areas with the use of disinfectants, chlorine and other substances.

Entrance – We disinfect patients’ shoes and hands before entering the office.

Front Desk – We are constantly sanitizing our hard surface areas and chairs after each patient comes in. We rearrange the chairs in the office to maintain social distance.

Check-In Area – We have eliminated the self check-in at the reception. Our team will record it for you! All you have to do is wait to be assigned and transferred to a table and go to bed.

Healing Area – We only serve one patient at a time per area. We reorganized tables and chairs to maintain social distance. All chairs, tables and hard surface areas are disinfected before and after each patient.

Adjustment Time – Dr. O’Connell is disinfecting after each patient, he will not wear gloves at the time of adjustment, to guarantee the effectiveness of the adjustment, but he will disinfect his hands before, during and after the adjustment. You will also discard your face mask after each patient. We will clean the table and put the paper on your face. Again, all you have to do is lie down and be ready for your immune booster adjustment.

Cafeteria area – We remove the cups, tea, coffee and cookies. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Rehab Area – All machines and equipment are disinfected before and after each patient. We are offering ice packs for the patient to use at home.

Back Office – We disinfect all areas after contact with patients. We are very vigilant as the health and safety of our patients are our number one priority.

Hand sanitizers are located throughout the office and are refilled and checked regularly. These policies have always been in place at SuMejorVida Centro Quiropráctico and provide our patients peace of mind every day.

Requests for Our Staff

SuMejorVida Centro Quiropráctico has always paid attention to community health and cleanliness, and like many others, we’re doubling down. Not only is hand sanitizer available to our chiropractors between adjustments, but it’s also available to patients. For the comfort of other patients, our staff have also been directed to wash their hands after working with patients wearing excessive lotion, perfume, or cologne.

It goes without saying that we ensure our equipment, and the environment we provide, is as clean as our patients expect. But we have increased our cleaning routines for commonly touched areas or equipment, so you can rest assured that we are wiping down the adjusting table, and as always, replacing face paper on the head piece after each patient.

We realize chiropractic is a hands-on practice, but we have adjusted how we do our adjustments. Our doctors have also been asked to use different adjusting techniques to reduce the close, face-to-face setups and close patient contact.

If you’re interested, more information about coronavirus can be found on WHO and National Government websites, but a good place to begin is on SuMejorVida Centro Quiropráctico’s new information page about coronavirus.

Requests of Patients

We are asking that our patients monitor their health and, if they experience signs or symptoms of the flu or coronavirus (COVID-19), they refrain from visiting the clinic for 24 hours after the symptoms have resolved.

While in the clinic, patients are asked to abide by well-documented safety precautions such as using hand sanitizer or hand washing facilities, avoid touching their faces after contacting surfaces, and sneezing or coughing into their elbows, instead of their hands. If they want to wear a mask, that’s perfectly fine with us.

During this important time, we are asking our patients and our staff to make some special considerations. Where and when possible, patients are asked to not bring guests with them during their visit and, if they do, to have them wait in their car. We are also removing all non-essential waiting room items — including items provided by SuMejorVida Centro Quiropráctico Lobby chairs and chiropractic tables are spaced six feet apart to comply with the current recommendations of social distancing. We are also reducing the number of patients allowed in the adjustment bay, in order to increase the space between work areas and patients.

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